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Dawn Senathi-Raja

First and foremost, I would like to thank both my supervisors, Dr Sarah Wilson and Professor David Reutens, for their time, advice and guidance over the course of this thesis. I am greatly appreciative of the invaluable research skills I have learnt under their direction.

I would also like to thank MR, who gladly and generously gave many hours of his time in the experimental studies of this thesis, showing enthusiasm and patience in every session. Thanks also to the other participants, Brian Simpson, Ranjit John, Sam Devadason, Bill Martin, and Tim Samuel, who very kindly agreed to take part in this study.

A special thanks to Damon for sharing his prior knowledge of this case with me and for rendering any help required.

To my mother Elizabeth and brother Julian, I would like to thank you both immensely for your constant love, support, encouragement, and unconditional help throughout this challenging year. Without both of you in my life I would not have come this far.

Thank you to all of my friends, in particular Lise and Tanya, who assisted in every way possible, showing their care, and understanding my long periods of absence.

Above all, I owe heartfelt thanks and gratitude to a faithful God, who has been my source of strength and sustained me throughout the year.