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Sarah Ogilvie

In conducting a thesis, the ultimate product is only partly indicative of the learnings gathered during the process. Although the experience has variously stretched and rewarded me, I could not have achieved what I have without the support of many people.

First I must thank my supervisors, Professors Mara Olekalns and Philip Smith, for their insight, their challenges, their enthusiasm and their patience: Without the support of my supervisors, the experience and the end-product would have been far less valuable.

My parents, Suzanne and Clive, have sacrificed much to allow me to attain this level of education. Their absolute faith in my decisions, their encouragement and their support has afforded me the luxury of rarely questioning my commitment to the process.

I would also like to acknowledge the support of my two brothers, Andrew and David, who have lived with me at various times during the process. Despite the difficulties inherent in living with a 'possessed student,' they not only encouraged and supported me but also kept a close eye on me to ensure that I never dropped my bundle.

Throughout the past five years I have been fortunate to have had the patience and support of my closest friends: Cass Spong, Drew Taylor, Alice Bailey, Amanda Wallace, Rachel Tuffield, Boris Gorelik, Melanie Bissett, Simon Fox, Nicole Vanderhoek, Michael Coburn, Emily Rattray, Justine de Bruyn, Keith Abbott, Steve Linard, Kerry Short, Ben Edwards, Assaf Semadar, Kim Edwards, Rochelle Solewicz, Bill Newton, Kate Fitzpatrick.

For assistance in the more academic aspects of the process, I would like to acknowledge the helpful advice of a number of people including Yoshi Kashima, Margaret Foddy, Ian Gordon, Jeromy Anglim, Michael Johnston, Nicole Gillespie, Walter Giusti, Stuart Wilkinson and Yuval Kalish.

I would finally like to thank my partner, Alex Bahar-Fuchs, who at various times throughout the latter stages of the process has motivated me, challenged me and supported me. His insight and his understandings in the area have enabled me to look outside the material experience and produce a result of which I can be proud.

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