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Alex Bahar-Fuchs

Clock-Anomalies Detection Task: twenty clock faces were generated using PhotoShop software (version 7.0), and were printed onto cards (30 X 20 cm). Fifteen of these contained one anomaly that was designed to violate the conventional representation of time on a clock face. (Invalid Clocks). The other five cards depicted conventional clock faces (Valid clocks, see Appendix A).

Object-Space Association Task: six small boxes with lids (9 X 9 X 9 cm) were pseudo-randomly placed on a (37 X 58 cm) plastic board. The position of the boxes on the board was fixed for all participants, and is shown in Figure 1. Five common and familiar items were chosen as the memoranda. The items were: a small medicine bottle, a set of keys, a watch, a pen & a pair of glasses. Therefore, one box remained empty.

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