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The aim of our site

The main aim of the sicotests website is to improve quality of life, by promoting self-awareness through scientifically-developed tools to the general public. All the services available through our site are done in accordance with this document. By registering sicotests website or taking one of our personality tests, you agree to the terms and conditions stipulated therein. If you do not agree with them, you are requested not to sign up to the site.


All content made available on the site belong to the owners of Sicotests, unless otherwise stated. It is forbidden to publish these anywhere else without the express written permission of the site owners.


Sicotests is committed to ensuring the privacy of its users. We don't collect any personal details of members. Other data (such as metadata) will never be revealed, unless it is by order of court. However, aggregated information from the site may be used for scientific research and be published in academic literature or on the site itself. These publications will never include information revealing personal identity of any user whatsoever.

Limitation of liability

While Sicotests endeavours to provide users with helpful and guiding information, this website is not, and does not intend to be, a substitute for health, psychological or medical advice from qualified health professionals. Users of this website should always seek the advice of appropriately qualified professional(s) with any questions they have regarding their health; psychological, medical or otherwise. All use, decision or action based on the information given is done at the responsibility of the user alone. Anyone making use of the information and content appearing on the site does so at their own liability, and there shall be no claim, demand or prosecution of any kind towards Sicotests or anyone acting on their behalf.


Use of the site is subject in every case to the laws of the State of Israel. We can not guarantee continuation or secure connection to our services, and the site can be interrupted by a number of factors not under our control.