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Writing tender applications for training or development programs

Dr. Simon Moss


Organizations often need to write tender applications to coordinate and implement a training and development program. They might seek to provide leadership training to an organization or offer more specialized modules to a broader association. Often, perhaps with the exception of many government tenders, organizations are granted considerable choice as to the content and format.

Features of the program

To construct an exemplary tender application, organizations first need to consider the range of features, provisions, and activities they can offer. In particular, they should consider the following list of options:






  • Many programs afford participants with credit towards formal qualifications. For example, some workshops can be articulated to graduate degrees.
  • Many programs afford participants with credit towards formal qualifications
  • Logistics

  • A variety of forums should be available, such as group workshops, individual coaching, diagnostic tools, action learning, remote learning, online resources, and case study discussions.
  • A communication strategy needs to be implemented, ensuring that participants are cognisant of the benefits, services, opportunities, and developments. The communication strategy might include emails, podcasts, meetings, and other facilities.
  • Availability of parking and convenient public transport for attendees should be available.
  • Content of the application

    Title page (1 page)

    Table of contents (1-2 pages)

    Executive summary (1-2 pages)

    Overview of the program

    Clarification of each phase or service

    Personnel and organization

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    Last Update: 5/31/2016